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Theatre and film

2023, Choreographer and performer, you cannot choose the things that bind you, Emergency 23, Contact 2023 

2023, Choreographer and performer, thing that bind you, short film, 2023

2023, Movement Director & Assistant Director, Rory Aaron's THIS TOWN, Contact theatre, Derby Theatre

2022, Lead Artist, Eat, Meet, Make, Jen Malarky, ZArts+Lancaster Arts

2022, Co-director and Movement Director, LOB, Contact Theatre + Outburst Festival Belfast 

2022, Director, Forge Fest, The Knotted Project

2021, Movement Director, Yes Chef, Roundhouse

2021, Lead Artist, Project Lockdown: Unlocked, Contact Theatre + European Partners3

2021, Associate director, 4 Us To Rule, HOMEmcr

2020, Lead Artist, Artivist Project, 42nd and the Horsfall

2020, Movement Director, LOB, Space 1, HOMEmcr, Roma Havers

2020, Movement Director, Fall Into Place Theatre, Leeds

2020, Ensemble Leader, Stage Directions, The Lowry

2019, Lead Artists, [M]Others, Site-Specific, Co:LAB Festival, The Royal Exchange,

2019, Lead Drama Practitioner, London Arts and Drama Summer Camp, RADA,

2019, Dramaturg and Movement Director, Let's Play, SWITCHmcr and Elders Exel, The Studio, The Royal Exchange

2019, Lead Artist, REACT, The Royal Exchange

2019, Director, 8055, Main Space, 53Two

2018, Director, A Christmas Story, Manc Made, Main Space, 53Two

2018, Movement Director and Assistant Director, Oh Man, Hetain Patel and Contact Young Company, Site Specific, Contact Theatre

2017, Lead Artists, Children's Literature Festival,

2017, Assistant Director, The Space Between Us, The Studio, The Royal Exchange, Andy Barry and Christopher Owen,

2016, Assistant Sound Designer, Trellick Tales, Site Specific, Spid Theatre,


2021, Rapporteur, Ripples of Hope Festival

2020, Ripples of Hope Festival Poetry Commission

2019, Greenbelt Festival

2019, ONE MIC STAND Amsterdam, Frascati Theatre

2019, BREATHE 3, MIF Festival Square

2019, ONE MIC STAND Finalist, Band on The Wall

2019. BBC Words First participant

2018, BREATHE 2, Young Identity, Flex'N, MIF

2018, SEE ME AFTER, dir, Anna Berentzen, Yandass Ndlouv, Push Festival, HOMEmcr

Actor's CV

2023, Music Video, Wayne Brown, Dir, Sam O'Leary, BleachBoy

2022, Short Film, Thomas Fowler, Corpse Road, Dir, Joe Daley

2022, Music Video, Knight, Werka, Dir. Rory Dickinson

2021, Stage, Ensemble, Billy Buckle and the Stolen Mandolin, Dir Anna Berentzen, Hawkseed Theatre, Bury Met

2020, Film, Tom, DOGLIKE, Dir. Rory Dickinson, BBC NEW CREATIVES

2020/21, Film, Cryptomnesia, (dir Yandass Ndlouv), January 2020-Present

2020, Online, Sam, HAPPY!, Dir, Amie Burns Walker, Forward Dialogue, Just Some Theatre

2019, Stage, Mike, Bedlam, Peckham Art Cafe, Dir Tom Hodson, From The Mill Theatre Co.

2019, Site Specific, Soloist, From The Crowd, Dir, Evie Manning, Commonwealth

2019, Site Specific, [M]Others, The Royal Exchange, Dir, Christopher Brown

2019, Stage, Nathan, Kettled, Oldham Colessium, Dir. Evelyn Roberts, Manchester ADP

2019, Stage, Andy, ONE GOOD NIGHT, Salford King's Arms, Dir. Joel Parry, Manchester ADP

2019, Stage, Performer, REACT, Ensemble, Royal Exchange

2018, Stage, Mike, BEDLAM, From The Mill Theatre, Tom Hodson

2018, Stage, Roland, CONSTELLATIONS, Ensemble Estate, Tyler Angus-Holland

2018, Stage, Performer, SEE ME AFTER, dir, Anna Berentzen, Yandass Ndlouv, Push Festival, HOMEmcr

2017, Stage, Sherlock (plus Ensemble), NORTHER REP, dir. Mike Justice, 

2017, Stage, Andrew Lumsden, Burnley Buggers Ball, dir. Matt Hassall, 

2017, Stage, Macbeth, Suitcase Shakespeare, Northern Rep, dir. Tom Moore

2016, Stage, Jamie, TWIX, dir. Cara Withers

2016, Stage, Jean, Staircases, The Space, Edinburgh Fringe, dir. Charlotte WInstone

2015, Stage, King/Ensemble, Dust Never Settles in Torchlight, NakedFeet, dir. Josie Underwood


Chris is a multidisciplinary artist from Cumbria. He works in film and video; live performance and participatory settings

In 2023 he secured a DYCP grant and travelled across Europe training in somatic movement practice. This work culminated in a short film and deeper research practice exploring bodies and ecosystems. 

He has worked with a broad and diverse range of performers with different experiences and needs. He has led projects at HOMEmcr with young people seeking asylum; at Lancaster Arts with older people with limited mobility, at Contact Theatre with neurodivergent performers, and worked with dancers, actors, non-dancers and intergenerational casts at The Royal Exchange (RET) and The Lowry.

He works collaboratively with dancers, poets, performers, sound designers, videographers and people with no performance background.

He has made work for: The Royal Exchange Theatre, Contact Theatre, HOMEmcr, The Lowry, The Roundhouse, SWITCHmcr, Frascati Amsterdam, Art-Fact Tilburg, Zarts, Lancaster Arts, The Lowry, and Encounter.  

His work has been described as 


“Joyful, Communal and Tender” ‘LOB’ -

“distressing, heart-thumpingly dynamic sequence[s]... Brown brings a strong physical language to the piece” ” ‘This Town’ - Jennifer Roberts, losttheatreland


On THIS TOWN "Chris Brown brings a strong physical language to the piece – especially in its representation of pain or distress. Characters will tightly clutch and bunch up the fabric of their clothing at stomach level, evoking anxious knots of emotion" Circles and Stalls 

On LOB "At times, LOB feels like an elaborate playground game, in the best way. Complete with its own set of intricate rules that the audience is learning on the spot. It is intimate and raw and feels unpolished in the best way" 

On TWIX 'Christopher Brown carefully and competently skirts the typical “nice but dim” label as Jamie and there is a real fire behind the care for his brother. His energy is electric and his passions infectious' - Ethan Taylor, A Younger Theatre

On 8055 'Christopher Brown’s lively direction gives it strong visual appeal, with occasional arresting flashes of bright colours amidst the otherwise gloomy office environment' - Circles and Stalls

'The numbered characters move in an angular and precise manner and are constantly positioned in a symmetrical fashion on stage. It’s like watching a Wes Anderson film. This is all a result of Brown’s commendable direction' - Sam Lowe, The Reviews Hub

On OH MAN 'has the breezy feel of a social-media feed: jumpy, crammed with snapshots and one-liners. But the cumulative picture is of masculinity as a constant performance in which actorly utterances are set against physical facts: one young man declares his individuality while being swept away in a sea of bodies; another jumps lightly and brightly in order even to mention the “heavy stuff” of mental illness. The final “masculinity MoT” leaves the whole group running on the spot like engines in neutral, forever trying to pass a test that everyone can see is bogus' - The Guardian, Sanjoy Roy



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